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儿童英语故事The Three Little Pigs

儿童英语小故事视频The Three Little Pigs-三只小猪儿童双语故事,本故事视频带英汉双语字幕,非常适合儿童学英语, 三只小猪
The Three Little Pigs
The mother pig had three children, Pig1, Pig2 and Pig3.
One day she said to her children:"Mum has no food for you. You will have to live by yourselves later on." So the three pigs left home.
Pig1 met a farmer who was carrying a bundle of straw on his back. Pig1 said to him:"Oh man, could you please give me the straw? I want to make a house." The man gave the straw to him. So he built up a house with the straw. Soon after, a wolf came. He knocked at the door and said:"Enhn-Pig1! Let me in! Let me in!" "No way! No way!" The wolf tried to blow a wind, the straw hut was easily destroyed. And the wolf caught the pig and began to eat him. "Delicious, really delicious!" He said when he was eating.
Pig2 met a man who was carrying some wood. So Pig2 said:"Oh man, could you give me some wood? I want to build a house." The man said:"Take them away!" The Pig2 built a house with the wood. After a while, the wolf came. The wolf knocked at the door and said:"Pig2! Pig2! Let me in, ok?" "No, no!" Pig2 said. So the wolf collapsed the house and ate up pig2. "Really delicious!" He said when he was eating.
Pig3 went out and saw a man carrying some stones. So he asked him:"Can you give me the stones? I want to make a house with them." The man said:"Yes, take them! Here you are." So the little pig built a stone house. The wolf came again and said to the pig:"Little pig! Can you let me in?" "No, no!"The little pig said to the wolf too. "Enh!" The wolf began to push the house again."Pu-ff, pu-ff..." The wolf blew and blew, but the house was all right. The wolf got so angry. He swore he would kill Pig3. Then he came in front of the stone house and said:"Little pig! I'll go in through the chimney!" Pig3 heard this. He soon got an idea. He put much water in the cauldrons and had it boiled. Then when the wolf jumped down from the chimney he uncovered the cauldrons. Splash... The wolf fell into the boiling water. Pig3 covered the cauldrons and put some more firewood in the cooking stove. The wolf was well cooked and Pig3 had a very nice meal.
Ever since then, Pig3 had a very happy life.


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